Sparkle is a girl’s best friend!

Posted on 03 April 2012

Everyone has heard of the cat eye and we have all seen it before but, for a bit of a twist you could use my new favourite eyeliner, stila's sparkle waterproof liquid liner. Ever since I modelled for the stila UK launch event last year I’ve been hooked by their reliable and superb products! The sparkle waterproof liquid liner is definitely one of my favourites as it lasts ALL day, it’s completely shower, swim and sleep proof making it the perfect eyeliner for busy people who don’t have the time re-apply their makeup every hour.

Using stila's sparkle liner for the cat eye was super easy, you only need to apply one layer because the pigmentation is so fantastic and the tiny flecks of iridescent glitter don’t clump at all when winging out the eyeliner! The soft sponge applicator glides gently across the top of your lash line allowing you to get that irresistible cat eye look without any mishaps. A dream come true!

This eyeliner comes in eight truly AMAZING colours, from the glamorous black to some more vibrant tones of blues and greens! The stunning varieties of colours are perfect for spring as I am itching to brighten up my makeup. Pair the sparkle liner with stila's forever your curl mascara and you have a simple, unique and truly jaw dropping look!

My Top Tips for the perfect sparkle cat eye...
1) Begin by dotting the eyeliner along your lash line to ensure you get the shape you want, and then simply join up the dots!
2) Start with a thinner line near the tear duct and fatten it up the further out you get.
3) Keep your eye closed for 10 seconds after applying the liner to make sure you don’t smudge or print the eyeliner in your crease.

Stila's sparkle waterproof liquid liner has certainly put a spring in my step!

Sydney x

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