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perfect me, perfect hue eye & cheek palette


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The Perfect Hue for the Perfect You!

A chic, easy-to-use palette filled with neutral hues that are just perfect… for you. Long-wearing, one swipe eye and cheek colours work with your skin tone to create a more balanced and overall harmonious look. Choose from four distinct palettes that house five eyeshadows and two blushes in matte, shimmer and pearl finishes; customisable to create the look or looks you want.


  • The make-up artist curated colours were specifically chosen to complement your skin tone.
  • You can use more than one palette! For a natural or day look, choose the palette closest to your skin tone. For a more dramatic or evening look, choose a palette deeper than your skin tone.
  • Stila is proud to be at the forefront of colour innovation and we’ve raised the bar with these formulas:
- Colour True Pigments look exactly as you would expect on your skin. What you won’t see? Ashy or
unnatural tones.
- 78% pigment saturation offers incredibly vivid, long-lasting colour.
- Triple-milled powders and mica allow for exceptionally smooth application – no need for a primer!



  • Eye Shades: Alluring (soft pale pink), Breathtaking (soft neutral white), Passionate (champagne pearl), Dynamic (soft taupe), Glamorous (warm chocolate brown)
  • Blush Shades: Romantic (soft pale pink), Playful (soft rose pink)


  • Eye Shades: Artistic (neutral beige), Dazzling (vanilla), Ambitious (mid-tone brown with gold pearl), Spontaneous (brown with berry undertones), Mischievous (black brown)
  • Blush Shades: Charming (true cool pink), Angelic (neutral warm rose)


  • Eye Shades: Curious (soft nude), Captivating (neutral champagne), Daring (deep rose with gold pearl), Feisty (mid-tone red brown), Magnetic (deep plum)
  • Blush Shades: Inspiring (coral brown), Mysterious (neutral peach)


  • Eye Shades: Imaginative (peach), Brilliant (wheat), Adventurous (copper), Flirty (deep warm brown), Mesmerizing (black)
  • Blush Shades: Vibrant (deep peach), Witty (brick red)


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