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5 ways to stop liquid eyeshadow from creasing

Posted on 02 September 2021

There’s a lot to be said for liquid eyeshadows. They glide on with ease, create an intense pop of colour or sparkle, and boast plenty of staying power.

But to get the most from your liquid glitter eyeshadow, you need it to stay crease-free. Unfortunately, some eyelids are more prone to eyeshadow creasing than others (yes we’re looking at you, hooded, oily and monolids).

However, getting it right just takes a little prep and the right product: aka Stila’s Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow.

Here’s how to keep those angel eyes shining brighter for longer.

1 Take your time

Before you start, make sure your moisturiser and eye cream have fully absorbed into the skin around the eyes. A dry base will give you the best results.

2 Get priming

Start with a good eye primer to absorb excess oil and create an even canvas for your liquid glitter eyeshadow.

3 Double up on powder

Next, add a sweep of translucent powder across your lid, followed by a neutral shade of powder eyeshadow. Not only will a double layer of powder keep oil at bay, it will also create the perfect matte base for your liquid glitter eyeshadow.

4 Apply and blend

It’s time to apply. Use a fingertip to apply the eyeshadow, or for a more intense colour, use a firm brush. Apply the liquid glitter eyeshadow using a tapping motion to build the pigment, blend edges and set the colour in place.

5 Spritz away

Finally, a setting spray will make sure your eyeshadow doesn’t budge. Lightly spritz over your lids and face to create a barrier and prevent eyeshadow creasing or slipping.

Want lavish, crease-free lids and long-lasting sparkle? Get glowing with Stila’s Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow.



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