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Our Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Base

Posted on 11 September 2023

Stila Make-Up Base Tips
Base make-up is the unsung hero of any make-up routine, and its importance cannot be overstated. It's the canvas upon which you create your masterpiece, providing a flawless, even skin tone and concealing imperfections. Base make-up offers more than aesthetics, it provides protection with SPF, shields against environmental pollutants, and moisturises the skin. We've pulled together our top picks for creating a flawless base.
One of our OGs, this revolutionary product contains 3 colour-correcting pigments to even out your complexion and creates a smooth surface to help foundation application by creating an even texture on skin. With shades specifically created for Medium and Deep skin tones, this product works on all skin types.
This matte, oil-free foundation offers lightweight, high-definition, and buildable coverage, ensuring you're always selfie-ready. Plus, the cap conceals a creamy, full-coverage concealer that effortlessly blends to eliminate under-eye circles and conceal skin imperfections, providing a flawless look in an instant.
This is an essential addition to your base makeup if you're looking for a burst of vibrant colour on your cheeks. This blusher blends seamlessly to give a stunning, radiant glow, plus it can be used on your lips too!
This is the ultimate final step for creating the perfect base. Swipe across the high points of the face to give your complexion a gentle, luminous, and authentically natural glow.

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