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The science behind One Step Correct

Posted on 03 June 2021

Colour-correcting, brightening, nourishing, and anti-ageing – can one serum really do it all? The answer is yes – if it’s backed by science.

Take Stila’s One Step Correct. It’s your one-stop-shop to a flawless face without the fuss.

It sounds like magic, right? But the science behind this revolutionary colour-correcting primer is pretty straightforward. When two colours are on opposite sides of the colour wheel, they work to neutralise one another when they are mixed, blended or layered.

Why have a whole shelf-full of colour-correcting products when you can have just one? One Step Correct contains three colour-correcting brighteners to address all skin tones and concerns.

It might seem crazy to apply a swirl of pastel-hued colours over your face, but stick with us. There’s (scientific) method to the madness:

-        Green tone: Counteracts redness and hides blemishes. Perfect for reducing the appearance of conditions such as acne, rosacea, sunburn and broken capillaries.

-        Lavender tone: Cancels out yellow tones. Leaves skin looking vibrant, radiant and energised.

-        Peach tone: Brightens and illuminates the skin. Reduces the appearance of unwanted sun spots, freckles and hyperpigmentation.

Skin tone imperfections don’t stand a chance with this three-way colour-correcting primer.

And there’s science behind how you apply One Step Correct, too. By sweeping it over your face before you start your make-up application, you balance and correct uneven skin tones and create a smooth surface for the products to come.

The result? You may find you don’t need as much foundation or concealer as you first thought.

Plus, Stila’s colour-correcting primer comes complete with Youth Revival Bio-Available Mineral Complex™ to help hydrate and diminish the appearance of pores and fine lines.

Colour-correcting AND anti-ageing? What more do you want from a serum?

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